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Solid waste educational materials produced by CWMI are available to help people make informed decisions about managing wastes.

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AV (videos) materials (the videos listed below require QuickTime to view)

  • Compost...because a rind is a terrible thing to waste! 65p manual with accompanying 30-minute video plus a 7- minute video used to promote food scrap composting in large institutions. 1996.
  • COMPOST: Truth or Consequences. 15-minute video (or view on YouTube) teaches the science behind the solutions using a quiz show format to present common questions. 11p User's Guide is also available. 1998.
  • Composting Road Kill. 8-minute DVD shows how roadkill deer are successfully managed through composting. 2007.
  • Do You Know Where Your Garbage Is? 12-minute video for youth which presents options for what we can do with the garbage that we can't reduce, reuse, or compost. Animated characters and documentary footage explores the controversial issues of composting, incinerating, and landfilling and how these can be part of a community's waste management plan. 1992.
  • Farm-Based Composting: Manure and More. 38-minute video highlighting 14 farm operations and six different composting technologies from low to high tech. Purchase from NRAES, download, or view on YouTube. 2001.
  • Farm Waste Management Makes Sense. 9-minute video provides an overview of serious economic questions surrounding agricultural waste disposal and offers suggestions for effective waste management. Download. 1996.
  • It's Gotten Rotten. Links to information on how to purchase (or free download) this 20-minute video on the biology of invertebrates in compost. Teacher’s guide included. 1997.
  • Life After The Curb. 20-minute video for youth showing how materials are reprocessed into new products. It shows separation and recycling processes and end products for plastic, steel, aluminum, glass, and paper. 1990.
  • Natural Rendering: Composting Livestock Mortality and Butcher Waste. 20-minute video describing mortality and butcher residual composting at 8 facilities. 2002. Download in English or Spanish.
  • Natural Rendering: Composting Poultry Mortality. 6-minute video shows how to compost poultry carcasses and the donning of personal protective equipment. 2008.
  • Natural Rendering for Horses - Composting Horse Mortality. Shows how to properly compost a dead horse. Download or view on YouTube. 2012.
  • Recycling Yard Waste: A Tour of Community Programs. 35-minute video to help local officials and citizens make informed choices about managing municipal yard waste using four scenarios of various community composting and chipping programs as representative examples to help communities identify the options available to them. 1991.
  • Recycling Within Reach. 15-minute video discusses the handling of recyclables in the home and the concept of "precycling". Statistics on our trash and what you can do about it. Composting in the home/community, recycling, and "precycling" by carefully selecting the products you buy are discussed. 1991.
  • Turning Over an Old Leaf: Municipal Yard Waste Composting. 7-minute video to help local officials and citizens understand how recycling yard waste through composting and chipping helps the environment and saves money. 1992.
  • Vermicompost - A Living Soil Amendment. 9-minute video (YouTube or download) on how vermicompost is made and used as a waste management technology. Included are research documents and other resources. 2010.
  • Waste Prevention Tools at Work. 13-minute video to help solid waste officials, educators, recycling professionals, and businesses reduce the amount of solid waste generated by businesses, with a particular focus on retail, hospitality, and small office sectors. 1994.


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