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Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities
A research and education partnership with urban gardeners.

Led by Cornell University, Cornell University Cooperative Extension-NYC, NYS Department of Health, and GreenThumb/NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.




Urban community gardens can provide affordable, locally grown, healthy foods and many other benefits associated with urban green space, opportunities for recreation and community building activities, and reduced environmental impacts of food transport and large-scale production. However, urban garden soils can contain contaminants that may pose risks to human health, and the nature and extent of contamination in many areas are not well understood. The Healthy Soils project exists to help urban gardeners and other community members understand potential risks associated with soil contamination and implement strategies to reduce those risks. More information and project resources are listed below.


Urban Soil Contaminants and Soil Testing

Sources and Types of Contaminants

Collecting Garden Samples

Understanding Soil Test Results

Healthy Gardening Practices

Healthy Soils Project Information and Other Resources

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