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Spanish Educational Materials

Many of our educational materials have been translated into Spanish.


Compost Curriculum for Schools and Communities 2012

  • Waste Management Overview
  • Composting Biology
  • Let's Start Composting
  • Use Your Compost
  • Watching Your Waste poster
  • How Does Composting Work? poster
  • My Compost is Not Working
  • The Food Web Game
  • What Lives in Compost
  • Which Composting System is for Me?
  • Composting - How it All Works

Mortality Composting

Natural Rendering: Composting Livestock Mortaltiy & Butcher Waste:

  • 20-minute video describing mortality and butcher residual composting featuring eight operations. Download in English or Spansh. 2002
  • A set of 3 posters developed for educators:
    • BUTCHER Waste Composting - Key Points of Static Pile Butcher Residual Composting. English and Spanish; ppt and pdf formats. 2002.
    • CARCASS Composting - Key Points of Static Pile Carcass Composting. English:and Spanish; ppt and pdf formats.. 2002.
    • RISK - Potential Environmental and Biosecurity Risk of Dead Animal Disposal. English and Spanish; ppt and pdf formats. 2002.

Soil Quality (Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities)

  • "What Gardeners Can Do: 10 Best Practices for Healthy Gardening" (English or Spanish), 2pg (PDF), updated April 2013.
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