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CWMI is a program in the Soil and Crop Sciences Section, Schoot of Integrative Plant Science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. CWMI serves the public through research, outreach, training, and technical assistance, with a focus on organic residuals.


General Information

The history, funding, outreach and teaching services of CWMI are summarized here.

What We Do (brochure)
CWMI develops and shares research-based knowledge to help stakeholders - from farmers to policymakers - make sound decisions on managing organic residuals. Click here for CWMI's Impact Statement.

Program Work Team - Managing Wastes: Composting and Land Application
PWTs provide a mechanism through which faculty and extension educators connect with stakeholders in identifying issues, studying needs, creating education materials, and designing learning experiences that address these issues and needs within specific content areas.

CWMI has a small staff and engages a wide array of stakeholders in its projects.

Faculty, staff, Extension educators and stakeholders ranging from farmers to agency personnel are among the partners that work with CWMI.

The CWMI website site should be the first point of contact for people seeking information. For those needing further help, email us at:

Get On the Mailing List
CWMI uses email to send news out to interested people a few times each year.

Published 2-3 times year, CWMI posts to our web site and emails to our mailing list the latest news, events, etc., happenings at CWMI.



US Composting Council presented Jean Bonhotal with the Rufus Chaney Award at the 2015 Annual Conference.
Jean Bonhotal, CWMI's Associate Director, has been chosen the NYSAR3 Recycler of the Year, 2009.
CWMI's Web Site and Compost Fact Sheet Series #1-8 received the 2009 Communications Award Regional Finalist by the NACAA.
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