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Composting Fact Sheets

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Compost Fact Sheet Series #1-8

1. Marketing Composts and Meeting Consumer Needs. 6p, 2004 (updated 2015)
2. Regulation and Certification of Composts. 4p, 2004
3. Improving and Maintaining Compost Quality. 6p, 2004 (updated 2013)
4. Testing Composts. 6p, 2005 (updated 2015)
5. Compost Bulking Materials. 4p, 2004 (updated 2013)
6. Compost Pads. 6p, 2005
7. Compost Equipment. 6p, 2006
8. Composting Liquids. 4p, 2007

Natural Rendering Fact Sheets

Composting Livestock Mortality and Butcher Waste. 12p, 2002
Composting Road Kill. 12p, 2007
Composting Poultry Mortality. 12p, 2008
Horse Mortality: Carcass Disposal Alternatives. 8p, 2012

Health and Safety

Health & Safety Guidance for Composting in the School Setting. 2p, 2005
Health & Safety Guidance for Small Scale Composting. 2p, 2004

Home Composting

Composting at Home: the Green and Brown Alternative. 12p, 2011
Home Composting. 4p, 2005
Home Use of Milorganite®. 2p, 2006
Preventing Animal Nuisances in Small Scale Composting. 2p, 2005

Municipal Solid Waste Composting Fact Sheet Series #1-7

Table of Contents/Abstract
1. Physical Processing
2. Biological Processing
3. Strategies for Separating Contaminants
4. Potential Effects of Heavy Metals on Plants and the Environment
5. Issues in Risk Assessment
6. Issues in Policy and Regulation
7. Key Aspects of Compost Quality Assurance
8. Composting Glossary

Municipal Yard Waste Composting - Operator's Fact Sheet Series #1-10

1. The Compost Process
2. Composting Ingredients
3. Water
4. Oxygen
5. Temperature
6. Building Windrows
7. Turning Windrows
8. Chipping Woody Wastes
9. Health and Safety Precautions
10. Troubleshooting


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