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Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities

A research and education partnership with urban gardeners


The Healthy Soils Project

  • NYS Community Garden Map. Interactive map of more than 900 community gardens in NYS, based on the work of New York State Department of Health as part of the Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities Project. August 2015. Please note: the gardens on the map may not appear in some versions of Internet Explorer such as IE11; opening the page in an “in-private” browsing window or using another browser should resolve this issue.
  • Project information sheet. 1pg (PDF), updated March 2010.
  • Project summary/abstract. 1pg (PDF), updated October 2012.
  • Project overview poster. 1pg (PDF), updated April 2010.
  • Dilmun Hill Student Farm - research farm operated by Cornell students, and Healthy Soils project research site.
  • Urban Chickens: Another Human Exposure Pathway for Soil Lead? November 2013 audio presentation and abstract.

Healthy Soils Research Manuscripts


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