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Mortality Composting:

Composting - The Basics and Composting - Animal Mortlaity (2018) Sponsored by USDA NRCS Science and Technology. Two part webinar presented by Jean Bonhotal.

Composting Swine from a Brucella suis Outbreak in the Northeast. (2016) Sponsored by APHIS. Jean Bonhotal.

Mortality Management Options During an Avian Influenza Outbreak. (2015) Produced by Livestock and Poultry Environmental (LPE) Learning Center, National eXtension. Presenters: Jean Bonhotal, Josh Payne and Tommy Bass.

Livestock Mortality Composting - Beyond the Basics. (2014) Sponsored by Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center - Educational Webcast Series. Part 1 and Part 2

Compost Siting: Structures & Facilities for Composting. (2012) YouTube video featuring Jean Bonhotal, Cornell Waste Management Institute.

Livestock Mortality Composting For Large and Small Operations in the Semi-Arid West. (2012) Sponsored by Colorado State University Extension.

Livestock and Poultry Mortaltiy Composting: A Natural Rendering Process. (5/14/10). Sponsored by Livestock and Poultry Environmental (LPE) Learning Center. 
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Penn State University, University of Maine Cooperative Extension and Cornell Waste Management Institute hosted this series of webinars on Carcass Management. Seminars were sponsored in part by NE Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program.

Management of Poultry Carcasses: (10/8/09) 
• Mortality Composting Issues for Poultry Farms
• Virginia’s Response to Zoonotic Disease Outbreaks in Poultry Flocks

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Overview of Carcass Management Policies: (11/12/09)
• Developing Risk Communication Skills
• Overview of National and International Policies Related to Carcass Management

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Management of Livestock Carcasses: (12/10/09)
• Dealing with Unwanted or Neglected Horses in Difficult Economic Times
• Leachate Potential:  A Comparison between Carcass Compost and Carcass Burial
• Geochemical Implications of Mortality Burial

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Alternatives to Rendering: Butcher Waste Composting and More (12/1/09)
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Managing Livestock Mortalities - Managing Mortalitites for Beef and Dairy Producers (6/19/09). Sponsored by Livestock and Poultry Environmental (LPE) Learning Center.
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