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We are updating our NYS Compost Facility Map on the CWMI web site and are asking for your help.

If you are an owner/operator of a compost facility, would you please fill out a short survey (links are below).  For composting demo facilities, there is a separate survey form.

Our compost facility map was originally intended to help those with organic residuals (food scraps, manure, leaf and yard waste, etc) find a place other than the landfill in which to dispose of these residuals. It has evolved into a useful tool for landscapers and homeowners to connect with local composters as well. It is also a place where people can find educational information, as well as demonstration sites, on composting.

Please help us make this map complete by clicking on one of the links below to add your facility to the map. You may need to check your downloads folder to find the word file.

Scan the pdf file or use the fillable word file and return via e-mail to msp5@cornell.edu. Or, mail the completed survey  to Mary Schwarz, 248 Rockefeller Rd, Richford, NY 13835. 
If you have any questions, please email Mary at msp5@cornell.edu or call at 607-206-5955.
Compost Facility Survey - PDF format:  http://cwmi.css.cornell.edu/compostsurvey.pdf
                                         - Word format:  http://cwmi.css.cornell.edu/compostsurvey2010.docx

Demo Facility Survey - PDF format:  http://cwmi.css.cornell.edu/CompostSurveyDemoSite.pdf
                                         - Word format:  http://cwmi.css.cornell.edu/CompostSurveyDemoSite.docx

Thank you again for your help!

Mary Schwarz
Extension Support Specialist


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