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Using Manure-Based Composts


A three year research study conducted by Cornell Waste Management Institute and the Cornell Department of Horticulture to develop reliable markets for manure-based compost in New York State. Funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station.

Using Manure-Based Composts in Turf Maintenance. A fact sheet summarizing the results of this study. 2007.

Compost Use on Established Turf. Schwarz, Bonhotal, Harrison, Gruttadaurio and Petrovic. Biocycle. 48(9):27-29, 2007.

Highly Compacted Soils Improved by Compost Use. Schwarz, Bassuk, Bonhotal, Harrison. BioCycle. 48(7):55-56. 2007.

Connecting Farm Composts With Agriculture Industry Users Demonstrating Compost Assets With Growers - final report, 2007.





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