Managing Garbage from Homes: Options and Impacts
(Handout Part III for The Cost of the Toss)
 Option  Environmental issus Citizens' convenience
  • is unattractive
  • uses land
  • can create hazardous gases (methane)
  • natural resources are buried & lost
  •  just put waste at curb
  • reduces impacts at landfill
  • reduces air pollution from manufacturing
  • reuse natural resources
  • need to separate recyclables
  • same as voluntary recycling above
  • requires enforcement for non-compliance
  • need to separate recyclables
  • reduces need for landfill
  • reduces methane gas generation
  • reduces strength of leachate
  • produces fertile humus
  • reuses natural resources
  •  need to separate yard waste
  • reduces need for landfill
  • produces fly ash high in heavy metals that requires special handling
  • produces low levels of air pollutants
  • consumes natural resources
  • recovers energy
  •  just put waste at curb
* The options are described in handout part I
The Cost Of The Toss
Trash Goes To School
Cornell Waste Management Institute