In October 2003, Cornell Waste Management Institute completed a survey of Cornell Cooperative Extension offices, and New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling, Inc. (NYSAR) members across New York State.  The objective of this survey was to measure the abundance and availability of home composting resources to the general public.  55 responses were received, and from those, the following information was compiled.
q 1 Is CCE in your community involved in compost education?  y/n
q2 Is there a home scale compost demo site in your community? y/n
q2 Where?
q3 Have compost container sales or give-aways been done in your community in the past several years? y/n
q4 If yes, are containers available continuously or was this a one-time or sporadic event?
q5 Name of community
q6 If yes, who was the sponsoring agency or group?
q7 Was CCE involved? y/n
q8 If yes, in what capacity?
q9 What was the cost share arrangement with the company?
q10 What was the cost to the consumer?
q11 Was there an education program that was offered? y/n
q12 If yes, by whom?
q13 List other communities that you think have had re cent container sale/giveaway programs
q14 Can we contact you for more information?
Home Compost Educational Program Survey - October 2003
Information on home composting programs was gathered in October 2003 (see questions below), by sending a survey to Cornell Cooperative Extension educators in 57 NYS counties and NYC and posting the form on the CWMI web site.
form # q1 yes q1no q2 yes q2 no q2 where q3 yes q3 no q4 If yes  q5 community q6 agency q7 yes q7 no q8 what capacity q9 $share q10 $ to cons q11 yes q11 no q12 by whom q13 communities q14 yes q14 no
1 y y cce rockland letchworh village y sporadic Thiells/Stony Point/Pomona cce y seminars/training & bin supplier 0 y cce ?
2 y y not sure y not sure cayuga co y y y
3 y y cce n y
4 y y at my home when I offer classes n individuals contact her where they can get containers keene in essex co n n 0 38 y goodwin don't know y
5 y n not that I know of n y
6 y y letchworth & genesee co parks y one time warsaw, ny serve on advisory board & make recommen
7 y y revolving-next one tifft nature preserve sporadic erie co norse plastics n 0 35 y erie dpw, cce city of buffalo y
8 y y cce demo garden n y
9 y n n y
10 y y belmont boces center y available to workshop participants allegany co allegany co, dpw, cce y provide educational  wkshps,facility & advertising dpw bought units & subsidized cost 25 y cce y
11 n n n spencer tompkins co y
12 n y beaver meadows y sporadic glow y customer paid 35 y glow genesee & livingston co n
13 y y several locations y continuously tompkins co tompkins co solid waste y special events sales 0 35 y tompkins co, cce y
14 y y roger's consv ctr, sherburn ny y yearly event norwich cce y they held the sale 35 y cce none that I know of y
15 y y cce y continuously until supplies last cayuga co cce, swcd y promotion. Supplied an americorps member dev backyard composting ppt swcd-bins; cce-promo, wksp-small % of bins 10 y swcd, cce counties nearby have similar prog y
16 y y stoneykill environ ctr y annual event dutches co dcrra this yr, emc in past y assisted in program 0 35 n detailed brochure ulster co resource recovery y
17 y n y one time ontario co cce y sponsor & organizer 32 35 y cce master gardeners y
18 y y cce y periodic event-not in last 2 yrs due to low sales greater binghamton area cce, broome co div sw y education, publicity, bin ordering & distrib 25-55 25-55 y cce y
19 n n n n y allen, master gardeners y
20 y y muscoot farm, county park y one day event yearly moves from place to place yrly westchester co def, league of women voters y education  company sold units  15-35 y cce nyc, dutchess co y
21 y n n y
22 y y rockland co swma, cce  y on going rockland co rockland co swma y education program coordination & delivery rockland co swma-100%, dec reimburses 50% 0 y cce nyc botanical garden, bronx green-up y
23 y y queens botanical garden y both until the program was eliminated 7/02 queens nycdos n nycdos  20 y staff & master composters maybe nybg y
24 y y to be built by glow @ 4h fairgrounds n y
25 y n n y mather(master gardener&composter) y
26 n n n albany y
27 n n y sporadic homer, ny high school environmental class n 0 n y
28 y n n y
29 y y cce n town of bethlehem y diligent (cce)
30 n y sporadic onondaga co ocrra n provided advertising support 35 y ocrra y
31 y n y one time/sporadic wayne co wfla n 0 35 y wfla glow y
32 n n n greene co y
33 y y cce, ithaca community gardens, 4h acres y continuously tompkins co cce, tompkins co swmd, garden/hardware stores y with accompanying education program cce: buy wire & turn into bins 14-30 y cce compost education dept schuyler & broome counties  y
34 y y community gardens (rte 13) y y
35 y n n y
36 y y genesee & letchworth st pks,beaver meadows audubon ctr,orleans co fairgrnds y once a year genesee,livingston, orleans, wy glow solid waste mgmt committee n none except advertising residents pd for cost of composter 37.8 n erie and allegany counties y
37 n n y one time brooklyn nycdos n n y
38 y n y continuously through the dpw saratoga springs dpw, city council n unknown n n see comments
39 y annual events in april ulster co ucrra n norseman plastics rec'd all $ 35 y ucrra dutchess co n
40 y n n y
41 y n not sure n y
42 y n n y
43 y y next to our gardens y one time genesee co glow solid waste mgmt committee n 35 n genesee,livingston,orleans,wy counties y
44 y y genesee co interpretive ctr n y
45 n n n n nothing nearby that we know of y
46 y y roger's consv ctr, sherburn ny y annual or every other yr sale chenango co chenango co & cce y 1st yr we did adverting & handled orders, following sales we have done all compost wrkshps 0 37.8 y chenango go master gardeners broome & cayuga cce y
47 n n n n y
48 y n y one time, sporadic  onondaga co ocrra n 75% 25 n n
49 y n n
50 n n n n
51 n n n n n none known y
52 y y in process of setting one up in demo gardens & at oneida herkimer swa y sporadic new hartford oneida-herkimer swa & cce y volunteers helped in sales & gave out fact sheet from previous sales 5 yrs ago 38 n new hartford town y
53 y y cce albany n
54 y n y once a year in the spring town of southampton town of southampton y they provide compost wkshps until town hired an educator 0 40 y cce & southampton town recycling off y
55 y y cce albany n y
total 42 11 30 24 28 26 15 15 23 11 45 5