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In October 2003, Cornell Waste Management Institute completed a survey of Cornell Cooperative Extension offices, and New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling, Inc. (NYSAR3) members across New York State.  The objective of this survey was to measure the abundance and availability of home composting resources to the general public.  Fifty-five responses were received, and from those, the following information was compiled:


-          When asked if Cornell Cooperative Extension is involved in compost education within the respondent's community, 79% (42) said "yes" and 21% (11) said "no."


-          When asked if a home scale compost demonstration site is located in the respondent's community, 56% (30) said "yes" and 44% (24) said "no."


-          When asked if a compost container sales, or giveaways, have been offered within the past 2-3 years in the respondent's community, 52% (28) answered "yes," and 48% (26) answered "no."


-          When asked if Cornell Cooperative Extension was involved as a sponsoring agency or group in the compost container sales or giveaways, 50% (15) said "yes," and 50% (15 said "no."


-          When asked if an education program was offered in conjunction with the compost bin sale or giveaway, 68% (23) answered "yes," and 32% (11) answered "no."



To find a small-scale compost demonstration site in your area of New York State, go to:



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