Trace Your Waste
(Adapted from Recycling: Mining Resources from Trash
Cornell Waste Management Institute)
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SUBJECT AREAS: social studies, home economics, math
CONCEPT: Youth can explore their community by finding out what is done with the waste they produce, e.g. trash, and sewage.
OBJECTIVE: To make students aware of where their own waste ends up and realize that this has an impact on the quality of our lives.
Map of town or county
Paper, pencil
Resource people:
county government
Board of Supervisors
recycling coordinator
Department of Public Works
county planners
Incineration plant
Recycling facility
Composting facility
Other waste disposal facility
KEYWORDS: solid waste
1. Identify all the waste disposal options in your community.
2. Mark them on a map.
3. Decide where various types of garbage can go. Each item may have several options.
4. Think about what recycling and composting options are available in your community. Are there others that would be desirable? If so, make recommendations to the appropriate local government authorities.
5. Optional: Use the information you gather to write a report on waste disposal or create a bulletin board or exhibit.
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