Solid Waste Word Match
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SUBJECT AREAS: social studies
CONCEPT: Many wastes can be recycled.
OBJECTIVE: To think about how many types of materials can be recycled.
MATERIALS: handout: Solid Waste Word Match (below)
KEYWORDS: cellulose
Answers: 1-h, 2-e, 3-a, 4-i, 5-c, 6-d, 7-f, 8-b, 9-l, 10-k, 11-g, 12-e,k,m

Solid Waste Word Match
Match the left and right columns.
 1. Recyclable, ground-up glass  a. Paper
 2. Changes organic materials into a soil-like mixture  b. Motor oil
 3. 30% of all landfill waste  c. Cellulose insulation
 4. A use of shredded newspaper  d. Aluminum
 5. A use of finely ground newspaper  e. Composting
 6. Most is imported from Australia and Jamacia; recycling saves 95% of the energy to process  f. Plastics
 7. Made from petroleum and natural gas; recycling is still in infancy  g. Natural Resources
 8. Some communities require gas stations to collect this for recycling  h. Cullet
 9. Some states have deposits on these and collect up to 90% of them  i. Animal bedding
 10. Materials that can't be recycled go here  j. Landfills or incinerators
 11. If materials aren't recycled, more of these items are used  k. Beverage containers
 12. How can we manage our waste in the U.S.? Choose all that fit)  l. Reduce, reuse, & recycle
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