(Source: Toxics In My Home? You Bet!
by Golden Empire Health Planning Center, Sacramento, CA)
Hand out for Potential Hazards in Your Home 9-12 Activity
Trash Goes To School
Cornell Waste Management Institute

________ 1. Manufacturers of household cleaning agents are required to list all the ingredients of their products.
________ 2. Labels of all home and garden products must be precise, showing exactly what substances are present and the amount of each.
________ 3. Household products (e.g., cleansers, drain openers, paint removers, etc.) must be tested for their long-term health effects before being placed on the market.
________4. Products placed on the market are not guaranteed to be safe.
________ 5. If ingredients are listed as "inert", they are harmless.
________ 6. "Active" ingredients make up the major portion of a product.
________ 7. A hazardous substance is described as highly toxic, flammable or combustible, corrosive, an irritant, a strong sensitizer, radioactive, capable of generating pressure, or capable of causing substantial illness or injury.