Mix And Match Waste Game (Adapted from Recycling: Mining Resources From Trash, Cornell Waste Management Institute)

SUBJECT AREAS:  science, social studies

CONCEPT:  There are many options for dealing with solid wastes.

OBJECTIVE:  To learn some of the vocabulary associated with solid wastes.

MATERIALS:  handout: Mix and Match Waste Game

KEYWORDS:   leachate, sanitary landfill

PROCEDURE:  Have the students complete the Mix and Match Waste Game.
Answers:1-C, 2-E, 3-A, 4-I, 5-F, 6-G, 7-B, 8-J, 9-K, 10-H, 11-D, 12-L, 13-M, 14-N. 

Mix and Match Waste Game Try to match the words on the left column to the descriptions in the right column.
 1. Compost pile A. When natural materials break down and become soil.
 2. Conservation B. Dirty.
 3. Decomposition C. A place to put vegetable peels, leaves, and grass clippings where they will decompose to humus.
 4. Environment D. Chemicals and some industrial and household wastes that are harmful to all living things.
 5. Leachate E. Wise use of our natural resources to avoid waste.
 6. Natural resources F. The dirty water that collects after rain runs through a landfill.
 7. Polluted G. Things we depend on in our environment thatare supplied by nature, such as air, water, soil, and wildlife.
 8. Recycling H. A place where garbage is properly buried to protect water and the surrounding environment.
 9. Reuse I. The world around us.
 10. Sanitary Landfill J. Collecting and using materials to make new products.
 11. Toxic waste K. Using items more than one time, i.e. peanut butter jars to hold buttons or nails.
 12. Waste wise L. Using our heads about conserving, recycling,and any problems we might have dealing with solid waste.
 13. Solid waste M. Everything we throw away, i.e., glass, metal, plastic, and kitchen scraps.
 14. Resource Recovery Plant N. A place where waste is burned and energy is produced.
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