Trash Goes To School
Solid Waste Activities

Grades 4-6

Reduction, Reue, Prevention
Throw-Away Society
School Food Waste
Classroom Conservation
To Live I Need...
All Wrapped Up
Household Toxic Chemicals
History of Glass
Recycled Water?
Solid Waste/Recycling
Speak Up For Recycling
What Is Biodegradable?
Best Ever Compost
Garbage: It's For The Worms
Solid Waste - General
Can We Make It Go Away?
Does Degradable Plastic Really Degrade?
Mix & Match Waste Game
Recycling Word Search
Solid Waste Word Match
Trash Trivia Game
The Throwaway Three: A Skit
The Garbage Diet: A Skit
Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout
Trace Your Waste
What Is This Bike Made Of?
What Is Oil Really Like?

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