Clustering of Reported Health Incidents

CWMI has compiled this matrix that includes information on the reported health incidents that citizens associate with the application of sewage sludges to land.  The matrix includes the locations, the number of persons and the symptoms reported.  It has not been confirmed by scientific investigation that these persons became ill due to land application of sludges.  A wide array of sources provided the information contained in this matrix including newspaper articles, government reports and other sources.  We hope that the information may be useful to the full range of stakeholders concerned about the reported illnesses.  CWMI invites those with additional information on these or other incidents to send it to us at 
LOCATION OF INCIDENT STATE NUMBER AFFECTED                      SYMPTOMS (see legend below)
      a b c d e f g h i* l m n p r s t v w x y z
Land-app Incidents                                                
Grand Bay AL ~ 10  X     X X   X X       X   X X       X X X e. coli posioning
Mohave Valley area AZ ~ 100 52   2 53 62 33 44 55 11 5 32 31 25 36 36 1 13 7 33 54 dizziness, facial infection, thyroid problems, sinus infections, chest pains, pneumonia
Menifee (Riverside County) CA 100 + X     X     X X X   X X X X X X X       X dehydration, seizures, ear infections, pneumococcal & staphylococcus infections; mouth, nose, and throat blisters; blisters on fingers and toes 
Riverside County (general) CA ## X     X   X X X         X X X             blood infections, fungus in lungs, sore throats
Solano County CA ##                           X              
Winchester (Riverside County) CA ~ 6       X     X X   X X X X X X         X X  Helicobacter pylori bacterial disease, seizures, throat blisters
Desoto County FL >24 X   X X X X X X   X X   X X X   X   X X   bacterial ear infections, bronchitis, fever, heart palpitations, mastoid infection rotavirus, sinusitis, pneumonia, pleurisy
Sarasota County FL ##       X               X   X              
White County GA 6 +         X     X         X   X X           kidney tumor, kidney cancer, kidney disease, urinary tract infections, hair loss, H-pylori infection
Brandywine MD ~ 3         X     X     X X   X         X X  
Amargosa Valley NV 3 +       X     X X           X X             liver transplant
Greenland NH 20 + X   X         X     X X X X   X X         death, Pleurisy
Manchester NH ##         X             X   X     X     X  
Mebane NC 2             X             X       X       chest pains, fever, pneumonia, bladder infection, lung problems:blisters on the alveoli & fluid, fluid around the heart
Belmont OH 1               X                           fainting, nerve damage
Waynesville in the Little Miami River Valley OH 2 X       X     X       X             X     congested noses & chests
Canby OR 4 X       X                 X              
Berks County, Lehartsville PA 2                                           boils, severe pain on right side, heart irregularities
Robesonia, Heidelberg Township; Berks County PA 4       X           X       X               death, sore throat, viral/staphylococcal pneumonia
Osceola Mills; Rush Township; Centre County PA 9         X X X X   X X X   X     X         death, dizziness, fever, numbness, sore throats
Point Marion, Dilliner PA ##         X   X X     X X   X     X   X X X chest pains, itchiness, sinus problems
Snoe Shoe & Clarence; Snoe Shoe Township; Centre County PA 1       X       X       X                 X
Burlison TN 2 +               X           X               sinus infections
Sierra Blanca; Hudspeth County TX ## X         X                 X             mouth blisters
Culpeper VA ~ 7  X   X X   X X X X   X X   X         X   X
Cumberland County; Cumberland VA ## X     X X   X X X     X   X              
Essex County VA 1                           X              
Loundon County VA ~ 39 X     X X X   X   X X X X X X   X     X   pneumonia
Prospect VA ## X         x               X x       x     face swelling
Toms Brook VA ## X     X X                 X              
Surry County VA 3                           X               just sick
Leavenworth WA 2 X         X X X         X X X     X     X legs,arms & face swelling
Lynden WA 4                 X                         Blastocystitis hominis, mycoplasma pneumonia, nickel toxicitythyroid problems
Marion County WV 3             X             X X            
Warkworth ON 18       X     X X           X       X     X kidney loss
Truro NS ~ 24         X                 X               sore tongues
TOTAL > > > 419
Not Sure if Land-App or Not                                                
Corona (Riverside County) CA 37 +       X X   X X     X X X X     X     X  
Laurel Hills (Okaloosa County) FL 2                                           blastocystitis hominis intestinal parasites
Polk County FL 4     X       X X       X X   X X X        
Davenport IA ##                                           cancer clusters, non-hodgkins lymphoma
Prole IA ## X       X                 X   X          
Unity ME 3             X X                   X     X  hair loss, nose sores
Sparta MO 2                 X                          blood contaminants
Canaan NH 1                                           numbness of limbs
Elkton OH 1 +         X             X       X X   X X  
Germantown OH 8 X             X X   X X   X         X X  
Warren OH 1             X X X     X   X              
Waynesville OH 2       X     X X     X X   X         X     palpitations
Xenia OH 1 +                           X         X    
Upper Mt. Bethel Township PA ##                                           NA
Ridgetop TN ##                                           strokes, lung malfunction
Fort Bend County TX 4               X       X   X              
Whitewater; Walworth County WI 2         X     X       X     X         X   nose scabs
TOTAL > > > 76
Non-Land App                                                
Temescal Canyon CA 1         X                           X X  
Vicksburg AZ ##               X       X                  
Chino (San Bernardino County) CA ##               X           X               throat and sinus infections
Wailuku HI 3               X           X   X X         Rhabdomyosarcoma
Franklin KY 110 X         X X X       X         X X     X  blistered throats, dizziness, Heliobacter pylori infections, staph infections
Wilkesboro NC 1           X X                              confusion, tremors, mast cell disorcer
North Swanzey NH ##         X     X       X   X X            
Rollinsford NH 40 +   X         X   X             X           cancers, death, Parkinsons
Webster NH 3 + X     X X             X             X    
Whitefield NH 2 +     X X         X         X              
South Bronx NY ## X     X     X         X X       X        
Josephine County OR 1               X       X         X        
E. Hanover township PA 2 +                                           unspecified illness
TOTAL > > > 163                                          
a asthma, allergies
b birth complications (i.e. premature births, congenital defects)
c cysts, absecesses
d dry heaves, cough
e eye problems (i.e. burning eyes, watery eyes)
f flu-like symptoms
g gastrointestinal complications, stomach cramping
h headaches
i immunodeficiency problems
l lesions
m mucous
n nausea
p  nosebleeds
r respiratory complications (shortness of breath)
s  skin rashes
t tumors
v vomiting
w weight loss
x burning throat
y burning nose
z fatigue
## Unsaid numbers, but many victims (counted as 2 people)
* contact information provided (see sheet 2)