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Comments on Brownfield Sites Draft Regulations

Cornell faculty developed technical analyses of selected aspects of the Soil Clean-Up standards proposed by NYSDEC for Brownfield sites to present during the public comment period on these draft regulations. These include:

The following comments are linked within the Public Hearing Testimony document:

    • The Implications of Proposed Clean-Up Standards on Water Quality, (2006) by Brian Richards and Tammo Steenhuis
    • Comments on Metal Pollutant Standards in Draft Regulation - NY Brownfields, (2006) by Murray McBride
    • What effect would Including Vapor Intrusion have on Soil Clean-Up Objectives (SCOs)?, (2006) by Anthony Hay

Comments on Methods to Conduct Soil Survey and to Develop Soil Standards, (2004) by David Bouldin, Murray McBride, Ellen Harrison, Anthony Hay, Tammo Steenhuis and Brian Richards

The proposed rules and other information from NYSDEC can be found on their website: http://www.dec.state.ny.us/website/der/superfund/




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