My Reduce/Reuse Story
(Adapted from Reycling Alaska Activities Handbook, Dept of Env Conservation, Juneau, AK)
SUBJECT AREAS: language skills, art and English
CONCEPT: How can we reuse items that we might normally throw away?
OBJECTIVE: To reduce the amount of garbage we produce.
MATERIALS: old magazines and used paper
KEYWORDS: reduce, reuse

PROCEDURE: Have children go through old magazines and select pictures of things which will ultimately become a waste product (cereal boxes, other types of packaging, for example). Have the children paste these pictures into a small "recycling" book (paste picture on used paper).

Have one student dictate into a tape recorder a story about reuse and/or recycling of these materials, or how their use could be avoided altogether. Play this tape back and listen to it.

This could be a group project for K levels and either a group or individual project for level 1-3.

FOLLOW-UP: Discuss other ways of doing without wasteful things and of reusing things rather than throwing them away, such as donating outgrown clothing, saving egg cartons and plastic containers for art classes, or passing magazines along to a hospital or a friend.

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