Making Paper From Paper
(Adapted from Woodsy's Wastwise, by Cornell Cooperative Extension, Broome County, NY)
SUBJECT AREAS: art & science
CONCEPT: How can new paper be made from old?
OBJECTIVE: Making paper.

MATERIALS: for every 2-3 students:
_ a piece of window screen 5" square
_ a pan big enough for the screen to lie flat
_ a large spoon
_ 2 Tbls. of liquid starch
_ a large jar, can or rolling pin
_ 2 pieces of blotting paper (ordinary paper) the same size as the screen
_ 2 blank 8-1/2 x 11 pieces of paper
_ 2 sections of newspaper
_ 2 cups of hot water
_ blender

KEYWORDS: paper, reuse

1. Tear paper into very small pieces in the pan (do not cut). Add 2 cups of hot water and stir for 3-5 minutes. Use a blender for best results in making pulp.
2. Add Tbls. of starch and stir 3 more minutes. Slide screen under the paper pulp and move pulp around until screen is completely covered.
3. Lift screen out, let it drain a few seconds, then place it on a piece of blotting paper on a section of newspaper. Place another sheet of blotting paper on top, and then the second section of newspaper.
4. Press the excess water out by rolling the jar, can or rolling pin over the newspaper. Take off the top newspaper, turn the blotting paper sandwich over and take off the top piece of blotting paper and the screen.
5. Let the recycled paper dry for 2 hours, then loosen it from the blotting paper and gently peel it off. Let the recycled paper dry overnight before writing on it.

FOLLOW UP: Discussion questions:
1. How does your new paper look?
(thick, lumpy, ragged)
2. Would you like to recycle all your own paper yourself?
3. Do you get the same amount of new paper out as you put old paper in?
(no, you get less because there is some waste)

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